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Clawing Through Bureaucratic Bullshit

So we are starting out our day with some positive news….got a call from the lovely Nurse Susan early this morning to say the VA has approved care from an Oncologist and a Surgeon and the vouchers are in the mail. She also arranged for us to pick up a copy that sits at the front desk and she gave me a separate number so I can contact her directly.  I thanked her profusely and said that we hadn’t been informed at all of what was going on.

MD Anderson called US (!YAY!) shortly after and gave us a list of things we need to provide to them. They also want to talk to someone at the VA about billing. …….

Back to the VA we go….Paul is essentially telling Nurse Susan exactly what we need, who need to talk to whom…..of course, everyone is resistant since we are now getting into the vat of Bureaucratic Bullshit. Our Real Estate Friends and Paul’s Military Buds will understand….the Bureaucratic Bullshit is where people are so constricted by rules and regulations and paperwork and protocol that the simplest of tasks cannot be accomplished. We are fighting people to pick up a God damned phone and make a call. We have entered into a world of insanity…..incompetency…..and Bureaucratic Bullshit. It’s the ridiculousness of my having to pick up a phone, dial it, then hand it to someone before they can take the call…..seriously….it’s THAT INSANE! And we have no time and certainly no patience for pinheads.

Fortunately, this isn’t our first trip to this Rodeo. Having spent many years as local Realtors, we are experienced with persuading people to do what we want..lenders….appraisers….title folks and such…….. but don’t worry! Paul and I strictly use our powers for GOOD not EVIL 😉  All of those days I worked and worked trying to get my deals through has prepared me for this fight.  The tenacity we acquired from a lifetime in commission sales will ensure every T will be crossed and every I will be dotted. And we will fight to get the best…..

So where it stands Paul is heading to the VA now to get his approval letters and we are waiting for a call from the head financial guy at the VA Hospital in San Antonio (Audie Murphy). We may still be in a fight to go to MD Anderson Paul says. But we are prepared to pull out some big guns. We have our letter to Senator Cornyn at the ready and a connection at Channel 6. We can send press releases to all the local news stations and papers if necessary. I know I can obtain letters from both Dr. Mobley and Dr. Chinea stating Paul should go to MDA. I even have a great friend who works in PR I could probably call to speak as our family representative!! All “at the ready”!

….We are so incredibly Blessed!……and ready to rain a media shitstorm on their ass!…..I better color my hair!


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