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LINKS! People to CONTACT on Paul’s Behalf!

Want to write the Ellen Show?




Share Paul’s YouTube Video?


Visit our local Congressmans Facebook Page and write a recommendation?


Contact our local news station?


Write our local news paper?

e-mail them at webmaster@caller.com

Contact Fox News with a news tip?

e-mail them at  foxnewstips@foxnews.com

Need pictures to share so they can see an otherwise STRONG and HEALTHY 45 year old man being sent home to DIE by the VA? Use this one!

   Want them to see he is the FATHER of 2 beautiful children? Rachel (18) and Daniel (14). Let’s not forget Rachel lost her biological mother to cancer when she was 9 years old. Saving her fathers life is IMPERITIVE!! She should NOT be left without her father simply because we can’t afford the bill!! The VA needs to take care of this VETERAN and his FAMILY!


Want to write your Congressman on Paul’s behalf? HERE’S HOW!


I sent this letter yesterday to Blake Farenthold and forwarded it to several friends in my network for them to send to their own representatives. In case you need a pre-written letter to pass on to your friends, feel free to use this one. Let them know they can look up the contact info for their own representatives at http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ ——–

July 17, 2012 The Honorable Blake Farenthold

2110 Rayburn House Office Building

United States House of Representatives

Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Farenthold,

I understand that members of Congress rarely receive constituent letters that express anything other than a complaint. I wish this letter were different. Please know that I certainly sympathize with how you must constantly listen to gripes and complaints from the citizens you represent. I thank you for your time and attention.

My good friend Paul Klemm of Portland, Texas, is a 10-year Navy veteran. His time of service included operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He served his country with honor and distinction. A native of Ohio, his Navy service took him around the world and ended with an assignment to Naval Station Ingleside. He remained in the area after his service, working as a financial expert, real estate agent, and as an amateur and semi-professional musician.

In 2011 he was diagnosed with ampullary cancer, a rare form of cancer whose victims are usually in their 70s (Paul is in his mid-40s). With the economic downturn forcing him out of the real estate business, his insurance with Veterans Affairs was his only coverage. The VA covered his initial treatments and surgeries, but eventually all treatment regimens approved by the Food and Drug Administration were exhausted with no improvement. Clinical trials are now his only hope for survival.

MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston is willing to consult with Mr. Klemm and likely take him on as a patient. However, the VA is refusing to cover non-FDA-approved treatments. MD Anderson is now requiring Mr. Klemm to pay for any consultation and ensuing treatments up front, out of his own pocket. According to his most recent correspondence with MD Anderson, the consultation alone would cost over $14,000. The treatment cost will likely dwarf that amount.

It is appalling that a veteran like Mr. Klemm who served with such distinction would be denied VA coverage for treatments that may very well save his life. On the medical front, there is still hope. There may be several clinical trials being conducted at MD Anderson that could prove successful. Money seems to be the only barrier to finding out for sure. And it appears it’s not even an issue of money — rather, it’s an arbitrary rule that prevents the VA from covering the cost of treatment plans that have not been approved by the FDA. This is a rule put in place by Congressional decree. And if Congress has put this rule in place, it can remove it — or at least provide a way to prevent such rules from needlessly obstructing access to life-saving treatments.

Please take notice of Paul Klemm’s predicament. He maintains a blog detailing his experiences. One entry in particular sums up his current situation nicely. He has also made a YouTube video detailing his difficulties. The links are: Blog entry: https://littledogdiaries.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/what-now/ YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEfwlea7TAk&feature=player_embedded

No doubt you are aware that the VA has had difficulties providing the coverage and care that our honored veterans have earned for serving the United States. This is one case where bureaucratic difficulties can mean the difference between life and death.

Thank you for your service in Congress, and thank you for your time and attention in this matter.


  • www.house.gov

    Not sure of your congressional district or who your member is? This service will assist you by matching your ZIP code to your congressional district, with links to your member’s website and contact page

Is This The Plight of the Caregiver?

I don’t want to talk about it……I CAN’T talk about it……it’s like sticking your finger in the dam and more holes keep opening up…..or you are blockading yourself in a house during the zombie apocolypse…..ANYTHING to keep from being overwhelmed……and I see myself just shoving back….desperately…….but I feel like I am starting to lose this battle……

I don’t want to think of anyone reading this…..I don’t want to think of anyone even KNOWING I feel this way……hell I don’t even want to acknowledge it…….this overwhelming amount of pressure…..but my therapist has health problems and keeps canceling my appointments so I guess this blog will have to do…..it’s my way of preserving my sanity.

I knew I was going to have to step up…..I knew that as soon as Paul was diagnosed…..but this total loss of my identity has surprised me. Those that know me well know I am an “all in’ kind of girl. I don’t half ass anything…work, personal, love, family…..it’s all the way with me…..so the role of “caregiver” has become my new identity. My entire life revolves around my husband and his health……what is he eating….is he resting enough……how does he feel…..is he getting a fever?…..it’s INSANE the amount of energy I spend worrying about him……and it’s not even a conscious thing anymore, like it was when he was first diagnosed……it’s more like “daily monitoring”….I don’t know……I don’t know what I am doing or how any of this is supposed to work…..

And it just seems to be getting worse…….chemo is coming on Thursday so that may be the source of this new round of anxiety…….honestly though, I don’t think that’s it. Actually, I KNOW that isn’t it……God this just kills me to say this but the stress of our financial situation is starting to take its toll.  Paul’s unemployment recently ran out……and let’s face it….who is going to hire him now? I sure as hell wouldn’t hire a man about to start chemo and radiation….no matter HOW talented he is…..it just isn’t going to happen……Fortunately my unemployment is still in place but we now need to replace that $1000 a month. A part-time job that we were SURE was a lock didn’t happen……so that has definitely thrown me into this funk……where I feel like it’s all on me……but it was our own fault really….we broke the Team Klemm Rule #1….NEVER count a sale until it’s in writing…..NEVER bank on a deal until it’s done…..and we did. We thought it was a sure thing….all done except dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s……so when he came home and said it wasn’t going to happen I was crushed….seriously…..I freaked…..

We have talked about my getting a “regular job” but the fact is my unemployment is MORE than what I can get with a regular job. I don’t want to take a pay cut to work some shit job somewhere. Part of the problem is I have the “stink of sales” on me. What does that mean? When you go through your life as a successful salesman, companies don’t WANT you to work in their back office or anywhere else for that matter….they see you can SELL and that is where they want you…..so as much as I want to stay off the floor they won’t allow it…..so my successful sales career has pretty much screwed me…..so YES, I could go sell cars…..but I would HATE it, the hours would suck and I wouldn’t make that much more than we are making right now so what’s the point?

There is only ONE option and that’s to make Little Dog Entertainment work. I had to almost completely cut bait on LolaBelle’s in order to put all that time and energy into LDE. The booking agency just delivers more “bang for my buck”. I can make a lot more $$ with it than I can expending the same amount of energy on LolaBelle’s so onto the back burner goes the dog treats and it’s make or break time with the booking agency.

Don’t get me wrong….I LOVE working the booking agency……but right now I am the ONLY one working the booking agency…..Paul is so consumed with re-working the score for The Producers there is no TIME to help me with the business….and there hasn’t been….for like 2 MONTHS……but I have to give him kudos because he COMMITTED to doing this score and really didn’t have any idea how difficult or time-consuming it would be….after all, he did the same thing with the score for Cabaret right?…..um, NO……this thing is HUGE…..but Paul isn’t a quitter and so he marches on….several hours a day….with his nose in a musical score and computer software…..for HOURS at a time……and it’s all pro bono work…….

I just hate the pressure of it……..it’s been a while since I worked a kitchen table and closed a deal…..so I am rusty to begin with….but when you walk in you have to make sure you don’t reek of despiration….that’s where lesser salesmen screw up…..clients can sense desperation when you are trying to close a sale…….and I am not sure I have ever been more desperate……so I will have to really “bring it” next week when I meet with funeral directors, retirement home directors and event planners next week…..

So I feel a little better…..thank you Dr. Blog…..send me your bill…….Oh wait, on second thought….DON’T! I can’t pay it anyway! ha ha ha! But seriously, I can feel the tension is somewhat gone……and I can move on with my day and make it productive now….instead of dealing with all this anxiety….which is now on these pages and out of my system……and there is no solution other than “work harder Lisa”……that is the only way out of this mess……but taking my fears and dumping them here on my blog allows me to do that……

So send us some prayers and good thoughts my friends! I know I am REALLY needing it right now……

Day 3- AM Update

Dr Halff and his chief resident just came in to visit. They said Paul is doing well and they are happy he wants to get up and move around. That will help his system get up and running again. I asked him when he thought Paul would get discharged and he said Wednesday or Thursday of next week. That surprised both of us.

Everything we read indicated a 7-10 day recovery period so this SHOULDN’T come as a shock to us….but the recovery times are based on they typical patient and that is a person 65-70 years old. It certainly isn’t unrealistic to expect a person 30 years younger than that to recover faster so we pretty much banked on a Monday release date.

But we did plan for this…….

So hopefully I can find a hotel room SOMEWHERE in San Antonio through Sunday and I will have to come home on Monday….with or without him…….

He assured me he would be fine for a day or two and I will just have to drive back up to retrieve him once he is released. I HATE the idea of him being here alone under ANY circumstances so I may drive back and forth those days…..I don’t know……that is still very fluid at the moment……it all depends on how he is coming along……and how much a gallon of gas costs! ha ha!

Now as Dr. Halff left the room, his chief resident (who has been caring for Paul since we checked in and I have to say, we REALLY like him!) leaned over and whispered “Monday….he is recovering much faster than most patients!” so we will see….a Monday release date would be optimal for us BUT we ARE prepared to deal if it ends up being Wednesday or Thursday. We both recognize this isn’t something that can be rushed….

So for those worrying that he is going to overdo don’t worry….I got him on a leash and he isn’t going ANYWHERE until I am CONFIDENT I can care for him on my own….I Promise! No rushing this……

And I saw the boo boo……oh man….they gutted my poor baby…….it starts right at the sternum and goes straight down, around the belly button and about another 2″ below that……it’s HUGE and he is all stapled up like Frankenstein! But there is no seeping and no redness (they are really pumping the antibiotics in him!) and everything looks pretty healthy (to my untrained eye). He has some soreness but that’s from getting in and out of bed and is perfectly normal. They love that he is up and moving around!

He also got the IV in his hand removed, they took him off the oxygen and he go a bath from a cute nurse so it’s a banner day so far for Paul! He is resting now and hopefully we will take a little stroll later on! Thanks again for all the well wishes and prayers!!

Made It To San Antonio!!

So this morning we got up, enjoyed coffee and packed up the car. The kids got ready for school and our Pastor came over and we all prayed together then we hit the road! You know, you would have no idea we were heading towards a major abdominal surgery by the way we behave…..we have always said….we can have fun at a funeral….in fact, we HAVE had fun at a funeral….that’s just us….anyone who know’s us know’s this. So he plugs in his phone and says “Let me entertain you!” and off we go into the day with our soundtrack from The Producers….talk about FUN! I am totally geeking out for that show too!

So we made it to the hospital in plenty of time, which was good because the construction around here is horrible. What a mess. So we got to the anesthesiologist office, waited almost 2 hours (!) and finally met with an adorable young resident who had a great sense of humor so Paul had some fun with him. We covered all the bases and Paul is as healthy as a horse and is a very low risk for complications. It looks like he will be getting an epidural with a PCA (Patient Controlled Anesthetic) for pain control after the surgery. He will have a sore throat from the tube and will have a couple of drain tubes and a port in his chest for medications. He will be fully awake in 2-3 hours then they will send him to ICU for a day or two then to a private room.

The one thing that really struck me was how revered Paul’s surgeon is. He made it very clear we were very lucky to have Dr. Halff doing this surgery and that he is amazing. Like I said from the beginning, this is the guy I want to have his hands on my hubby’s insides! He knows his way around! So that was very comforting…..So then Paul had some blood drawn and we strolled on out into the day!

We found a hotel close to the hospital that we could book through Thursday. We are both secretly hoping he will be discharged on Friday. If not, I will find a room somewhere else or just drive or whatever…..it will work out….

So we are going to get a bite to eat and enjoy one of our favorite towns, gorgeous San Antonio!!

Thanks For Coming To My Pity Party!

Well that was fun…..NOT! Well, I allow myself a freak out now and again…..it’s to be expected…..do not be alarmed….move along people….move along….nothing to see here…..

No actually, I have a great supporter in my mom……she listens …..and understands more than any human ever should..

…and once again, God provides…

…. my friend calls me out of the blue and we chat a bit and she says she is sending me everything I need for a living will and other assorted documents concerning our house and community property laws, etc. We can amend them as needed, we will sign them and she will notarize them and we are all set 🙂 She had no idea I was stressing out about all that….just happened to call me at that moment……that’s how my God rolls ….

So the Klemms will be celebrating St. Paddys Day at Pepito’s this evening….my husband is making a few bucks at a job today and declared that we were eating out tonight! And he wanted Pepito’s and of course, I indulge his every whim so to Pepito’s we go! I will just have to suffer through Fresh Jumbo Texas Gulf Coast Shrimp Quesidillas, home-made guacamole and Texas Gulf Coast Margaritas….hey, they are GREEN! !

So Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you!

Kiss an Irishman!

Or in my case a Scot-Irishman!

Or take your chances on a random Ginger…odds are good they are Irish!

Or Kiss an Irish Setter!

We Are Still “At It”!

I had a horrible thought over the weekend…..that people would think that LolaBelle’s Treats and Little Dog Entertainment would be on hiatus until this whole thing blows over……

…..they are NOT!

I can see why people would hesitate…..knowing how much is happening here at Casa de Klemm…..but the funny thing is, we LOVE our work! It really ISN’T work to us……and it’s a much-needed distraction and our major source of income…..so we MUST carry on…..

When we were on the way to Victoria for the “gall stone removal that never was”, we spent the entire hour and a half drive brainstorming…..that’s a “Paul and Lisa” thing and has been for years….it is a real driving force behind our marriage….coming up with marketing ideas and what is next for us in the way of business….we have a lot of fun doing it…..we give each other high fives and get crazy excited about something….I know for me I get almost giddy with excitement! We always bring a pad and paper and come up with great ideas…..we may not implement all of them….but we implement MOST…….

Paul’s flute ensemble Absoflutely! was born on such a brainstorming trip. Our marketing campaign involving Lola on a series of real estate postcards was born on such a trip. LolaBelle’s Treats was born on such a trip…..It’s what we do and a big portion of who we are….that drive….that energy…..our businesses are just too big a part of who we are to set aside and risk it dying a slow and painful death…..

So LolaBelle’s Treats is continuing with our baking! I am usually cooking everyday and will continue….. so that I have plenty of stock available. Even if I am not here, our “representatives” (my kids! lol!) know how to weigh out and ship off an order! We are also STILL boarding!! We are not accepting “new” boarders at this time but our regulars are always welcome!! I know you may think your dog is a pain but we don’t!! Besides, our dogs are working hard here at the homestead and they like having a friend visit so they can play and forget their stress too! And we will continue to offer pet sitting services! Your pet stays at home and we come in for home visits! Again, even if Paul and I are out-of-town, LolaBelle’s has people at the ready to take care of all your pet sitting needs! Lots of frozen Dog Food is ready as well so don’t HESITATE!

I am not afraid my husband will die…..but I AM afraid people will think “Oh she doesn’t want to/doesn’t have time to/has better things to do than mess with my dog treat order”……hence this blog post…..

Little Dog Entertainment will actually be the easier of the two businesses to carry on. For those that don’t know, LDE is our Entertainment Booking Agency. We work with wedding and event planners, churches, civic organizations, and just everyday people and help them plan and book entertainment for events. A huge chunk of that business can be run from home or from a bed with a personal computer. And Paul was smart enough to “cross train” me so I can run it too!

It’s really very similar to the real estate industry. Paul and I spent several years as local Realtors and worked real estate deals from Whataburger Field, a pontoon boat in the middle of Copano Bay and a rest stop on the way back from South Carolina! Booking entertainment is an incredibly PORTABLE business! Not only is it no trouble for us to book an act from a hospital bed, there will be great joy when doing it!! So don’t stop calling!! Leave a message and we WILL get with you! Paul will have to postpone his own personal appearances of course…..much to his chagrin…..but we have plenty of talented musicians who will pale in comparison to my incredibly talented husband….but I promise they will be great too!  Ha ha ha!

But seriously, calling us for a job will not be an inconvenience…..it will not “put us out” … we don’t have too much going on or too much stress……the truth of the matter is….it RELEIVES the stress! ha ha ha! There isn’t much my husband enjoys more than putting a great musician with a valuable client and having everyone walk away THRILLED! Our musician friends are happy because they just got a job…..the client is happy because they got a great act for a great price…..our event planner is thrilled ’cause man, we made her look GOOD!….and we make a little money too! We don’t want to be “spared” the trouble of the job! We LOVE our job!

So keep us in mind and share with your friends! Don’t have a pet but have a cousin in Fargo who is a dog NUT? Tell her about us! Your good friend works at a retirement center and they are always looking for Senior activities? Tell them about Little Dog Entertainment! We ❤ Referrals!!

And thank you all for the kind words of support and encouragement and of course, your unending prayers!

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