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Enjoying Good Health!

I have to confess…..I am happy we got a 2 week reprieve from chemo…..Paul looks and feels GREAT and I just want to hang onto that a little longer…..

He has really come a long way in changing lifestyle habits. You know, it’s kind of hard teaching an old dog new tricks…..but in typical Paul fashion when he “buys in” he is in 100%…..and his body has made it clear these are nonnegotiable! So he takes a little walk in the afternoon, eats the right foods and eats several small meals and/or snacks a day, rests when his is tired…..

I mean, if we are being honest here, and I always am on my blog, I have to confess I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. I mean, for those that don’t know my husband, he can be a little stubborn sometimes……If there is something you DON’T want Paul to do, tell him he HAS to do it……’cause he will dig his heels in and quietly say to himself “she can’t tell me what to do” and just won’t do it…..there will be no spectacle….there will be no big blow up…no stomping around puffing up his chest or anything……just a quiet refusal to be TOLD what to do…..*sigh* ……

But truth be told he knew even HE could not deny the requests his body and spirit were requiring so thank God he bought into all this pretty early on and his health these last couple of weeks has been AMAZING! He looks great, feels great and is even practicing horns again and not wearing out like he used to…..and I think we both need to experience that for just a little while longer…..


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