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LDE is Getting Off the Ground!

What a great couple of days for Little Dog Entertainment! Our meet and greet went GREAT….actually….way better than I had expected. We ended the day with SEVERAL booked gigs for Paul and a few other groups we represent. We sold a 4th of July show to the retirement centers…..how can you NOT love a flute playing Stars and Stripes Forever on the 4th of July!! Best of all he isn’t a “budget breaker” so our Activities Coordinators LOVE that!

But it was a thing of beauty I have to say…….strolling out of there with them calling behind us  “be sure to send us an invoice”…..music to my EARS! And music for THEIR ears too! It was just awesome! Yes, yes….I know I get a thrill from the close….I know I do……I know it makes me happy knowing there are more pennies hitting my bank account…..but the best part of the entire thing was seeing their eyes LIGHT UP when we spoke to them….the realization that these 2 people are here to HELP me? Make my job EASIER? and you can see it in their eyes…..they are going to look like a GENIUS to their GM! They love the idea of getting their residents more VARIETY and it doesn’t cost any more than what they are already spending…..

it’s GENIUS I tell you…..GENIUS!

And this is just the beginning……we have so many people to talk to! Funeral directors, event planners, chambers of commerce…..the list of potential clients is endless……even individuals looking for a band for a party or a barbershop quartet for a birthday party….we have it!

I am falling in love……..with MY JOB!


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