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Day 3 Recap

Well it was positive, Positive, POSITIVE!

Paul had the IV in his hand removed today along with the oxygen. He slept a little better but not much. He said he kept waking himself up talking in his sleep! I got to witness some of that this morning as he was dozing….he asked me to take care of some notes (?) and informed me he went surfing this morning! I would like to thank the VA for authorizing QUALITY medications to my husband!

He spent the entire day sitting in his big recliner making blog posts, Facebook posts, playing games and watching some TV. The most exciting parts of his day was them allowing him to swallow some medication! He was very happy to wash it down with a nice drink of water. He also had some ice chips and experienced no nausea!

After I returned from lunch he decided he wanted to take his girl for a spin around the ward so we unhooked several things and buttoned up his backside and out the door we went…..at about .025 miles per hour! I was so surprised at how strong and steady on his feet he is. No dizziness and he just took it slow. We made it all the way to the end of the nurses station and back! (AAT Friends: we made SEVERAL jokes about Arthur Beasley and “oh your going so fast” and he sat down EXACTLY the way Matt does! too funny!!) So that was quite a milestone.

We also are getting a more clear picture of how long he will be here. When Dr. Halff came to see Paul this morning we asked him when he would be discharged and he said probably Wednesday or Thursday. Paul and I had hoped he would be out by Monday. We did get an indication from the chief resident that Monday still might be a possibility. He said Paul is progressing much faster than most patients!

We also managed to dodge a bullet with my hotel accommodations. When we booked this room they could only get me thru Thursday so tonight was going to be my last night before I was homeless on the streets of San Antonio! But my pleas for help were answered by our many special friends and we received MANY offers of a room! We are SO incredibly blessed! And it gets better! I thought I would check with the front desk again, just on the off-chance they had a cancellation and she said she could move a few people around and get me a room in the same hotel thru Monday!! So I can stay here and be 5 minutes from the hospital! Wait!! It gets BETTER! My generous in-laws footed the bill! Thanks Jim and Martha!!

THIS is why I don’t worry like I used to. There was a time in my life I would have FREAKED OUT at the idea of being far away from home, husband laid up, tight budget……but I don’t……I give that all to Him and He always provides……ALWAYS!

So thank you friends and family for all you do to help us through!! God Bless!



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