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Day 3- AM Update

Dr Halff and his chief resident just came in to visit. They said Paul is doing well and they are happy he wants to get up and move around. That will help his system get up and running again. I asked him when he thought Paul would get discharged and he said Wednesday or Thursday of next week. That surprised both of us.

Everything we read indicated a 7-10 day recovery period so this SHOULDN’T come as a shock to us….but the recovery times are based on they typical patient and that is a person 65-70 years old. It certainly isn’t unrealistic to expect a person 30 years younger than that to recover faster so we pretty much banked on a Monday release date.

But we did plan for this…….

So hopefully I can find a hotel room SOMEWHERE in San Antonio through Sunday and I will have to come home on Monday….with or without him…….

He assured me he would be fine for a day or two and I will just have to drive back up to retrieve him once he is released. I HATE the idea of him being here alone under ANY circumstances so I may drive back and forth those days…..I don’t know……that is still very fluid at the moment……it all depends on how he is coming along……and how much a gallon of gas costs! ha ha!

Now as Dr. Halff left the room, his chief resident (who has been caring for Paul since we checked in and I have to say, we REALLY like him!) leaned over and whispered “Monday….he is recovering much faster than most patients!” so we will see….a Monday release date would be optimal for us BUT we ARE prepared to deal if it ends up being Wednesday or Thursday. We both recognize this isn’t something that can be rushed….

So for those worrying that he is going to overdo don’t worry….I got him on a leash and he isn’t going ANYWHERE until I am CONFIDENT I can care for him on my own….I Promise! No rushing this……

And I saw the boo boo……oh man….they gutted my poor baby…….it starts right at the sternum and goes straight down, around the belly button and about another 2″ below that……it’s HUGE and he is all stapled up like Frankenstein! But there is no seeping and no redness (they are really pumping the antibiotics in him!) and everything looks pretty healthy (to my untrained eye). He has some soreness but that’s from getting in and out of bed and is perfectly normal. They love that he is up and moving around!

He also got the IV in his hand removed, they took him off the oxygen and he go a bath from a cute nurse so it’s a banner day so far for Paul! He is resting now and hopefully we will take a little stroll later on! Thanks again for all the well wishes and prayers!!


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