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Day 5 morning update

Still going strong!! Paul was awake and alert this morning and got good reports from his doctors. He had no fever last night so it looks like he may have that licked šŸ™‚ They also removed the Foley catheter this morning which means one more tube is GONE! We took a very long walk this morning around the floor and we now know how to unplug and cap things off so we can walk anytime! Paul is also able to stand at the sink and brush his teeth and he will shave later on today.

We also had a great visit with one of the hospital chaplains. They have visited and prayed with us every day and it’s a great re-charge to our spiritual system! God continues to provide for our every need!

Paul is sitting up and surfing this morning but he looks a little sleepy in the eyes…..Zzzzzzzzzz…..so I suspect he will take a little snooze later while I slip out for lunch šŸ˜€ Will report more later!

Keep those prayers coming!



Ok so now it’s MY turn to wait! Day 2 of auditions went great! We had several more people show up, especially more MEN, who weren’t shy about some preliminary shedding of clothes so it was a lot of FUN! I am totally convinced this show is going to be of EPIC proportions! There were some incredible voices there last night and some serious shaking of some BOOTIES! I hope I get to be involved in some way!! Worse comes to worse I will be singing my little heart out behind the concession stand! Not such a bad place to hang out! (They know me there! ha ha!)

Today they will be assigning roles and doings lots of other things to get prepared for the beginning of The Full Monty!! We were told they would have the cast list posted on the website www.AuroraArtsTheatre.com by midnight tonight! I don’t know if I can wait that long!! ha ha!

Boy, for two racehorses, Paul and I sure find ourselves stuffed into the starting gate and left there pretty often……and that’s not a good place to leave us for too long! You can’t put an idea in our heads and leave us….WAITING……ugh…..we hate it! ha ha ha! We are thinkers and planners and we EXECUTE! We aren’t the ones standing around the water cooler wondering how we are going to do something…..we take the bull by the hornitoes and MAKE IT HAPPEN BABY! So yea….this waiting…….

and waiting……

but I will find ways to occupy myself…….there is dog food to make and some treat orders to send out…..and some pacing to do……with my phone in my hand….fully charged….and ON….so i can wait for my call……from my director….so she can tell me…..

Oooohhhh I hope I get the part I want! ā¤

Stay tuned!!

Ode to a Dog

Ok, so this isn’t really an Ode…..I don’t even know what an Ode is….but IĀ need to give a “shout out” to my incredible dog Abigail…..and the rest of our pup pack, Ginger, Lola and Lilly.

Abby came to me in a very unusual way. You see, Lola was supposed to be my dog. I had dreamt of a fuzzy little lap dog since I was a child…..Paul knows that since he was there for some of it and even remembers me going on and on about how someday I was going to get a fuzzy little puppy and dress her up and put bows in her hair…..so I finally go one…..on Paul’s Birthday…..??….yes, I got a dog for his birthday…..don’t ask ok….that just how we roll!

So anyway, long story short I get this dog and low and behold……she is a tom boy. She tolerated me and my insistenceĀ on dresses and top knots but truth be told, she liked Paul better…..he would share his sandwich and Cheetos with her….and he would throw her ball forever!…..and she REALLY liked that……so my dog fell in love with my husband…..I can’t blame her! I think he is pretty awesome too LolaBelle!

So there I was….after 2 years…..and we had this great dog…..who had no desire to let me pick her up, didn’t like to cuddle and would only sleep inĀ our bed, provided you don’t TOUCH HER! Place even a toe on her and she is OUT and heads to her apartment under the bed…..

So finally I had enough….I wanted MY dog darn it! So the search began……We were longĀ into our business of LolaBelle’s Treats and we were a foster family for Last Chance Rescue so I knew adoption was the only option. I headed over to Petfinder.com and spent a month searching for just the right dog. I looks at Poodles and PomsĀ and PapillionsĀ and Yorkies ….. even called on a few……almost adopted more than one Bichon but they would be adopted by the time my call went in (:D)

And then I saw her……a picture of this black blob of fluff….just hanging from a shelter volunteers arms…..and her toes were white……on all four feet where these white toes……and I knew in an instant….that was MY dog! So I told my boss at the time I needed to go….my dog was sitting in a shelter in Lockhart and I had to go save her! So he rolled his eyes and waved me off and out the door I went!

I kept telling myself….and my husband…..that if for some reason she didn’t work out we will put her in the Last Chance Rescue system and get her adopted and at least we saved her from a high kill shelter, right? But I knew…..I knew as soon as I scooped that dog up in my arms it was going to work out.

We had 3 hours to kill on the drive home so we talked…..I told her all about the nice man at my house who would try to steal her with sandwiches and offers of play time but I told her to RESIST and that she was supposed to be MY dog….and she listened……I told her about my Aunt who had been diagnosed with Melanoma and how sad and scared I was…and she listened……I told her all about the house she was going to and that she is going to have sisters to play with and she would never again have to worry about having something to eat.

That night I stretched out on the couch and she crawled up on top of me and stretched out too and promptly fell asleep……I looked at Paul and said “THIS is why I drove 3 hours for this dog…..I think it’s going to work out!” and has it ever!

Abby is my constant companion. She follows where ever I go……always keeping me in sight…..she is my clown…..chasing her friends around the yard and doing her little “bunny hops” when she is fetching a ball….she is pure JOY….always happy to see me, even when it’s simply a return trip from the bathroom! She loses her mind when you walk in the front door…greeting you with yips and yaps and lots of jumping and dancing….like she hasn’t seen you in a month…..

The children get annoyedĀ or they are too “busy” to greet her…..I make them stop and say hello…..she is teaching and we don’t even realize it……life is short….tell people you love them….every day! That’s Abigail’s motto!

She always comes when I call her. She always accepts the invitation to sit in my lap. She is always up for a nap in the big bed and she stands on my lap quietly while I hug her and cry into her fur. When I walk in the front door she stands on the back of the couch and places one paw on each shoulder so she can look me in the eye when I speak to her and sheĀ gives me a snuffle and a few kisses and I whisper in her ear how much I missed her. I then scoop her up and hold her like a baby….with her back legs wrapped around my waist…..never seen anything like it…..but she would stay there forever with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist and her little 20 lb. body pressed up against me.

My dog is a gift…..He knew I needed her then……with my beloved Aunt dying…..I just needed this pup more than I could possibly know……but He knew……..He knew I would need her even more dealing with my husbands cancer….so he sent me this furry little angel to be beside me during our trials and tribulations…..and she does so…..ever faithfully….

I am always reminded of this sweet little video…..and may we all receive a pup like my Abby…..

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