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A Prayer for Paul

We received this from a friend of a friend! I thought it was simply beautiful and a good prayer for people who might not know what to say to God. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the words but this one is perfect……Thank you Hilda!!

Compassionate Father, our brother Paul Klemm needs Your tender loving care as he has been diagnosed with cancer in the small intestine.  He will have further tests to determine treatment, however, he is sure he will have surgery to remove the cancer.  He has much in his favor, Father, as You well know, and he is young.  Father, I ask that You guide his surgical/medical team and give them the wisdom to find the proper treatment.  Father, I ask that You give him, Lisa, and the rest of his family comfort, strength and the courage they will need as Paul begins his treatments. May they find that the treatments be easy and not make him ill. Please fill them with Your grace and  give them Your wonderful peace that surpasses all understanding. In Jesus’ precious name I pray.  Amen.


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