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Day 5 morning update

Still going strong!! Paul was awake and alert this morning and got good reports from his doctors. He had no fever last night so it looks like he may have that licked 🙂 They also removed the Foley catheter this morning which means one more tube is GONE! We took a very long walk this morning around the floor and we now know how to unplug and cap things off so we can walk anytime! Paul is also able to stand at the sink and brush his teeth and he will shave later on today.

We also had a great visit with one of the hospital chaplains. They have visited and prayed with us every day and it’s a great re-charge to our spiritual system! God continues to provide for our every need!

Paul is sitting up and surfing this morning but he looks a little sleepy in the eyes…..Zzzzzzzzzz…..so I suspect he will take a little snooze later while I slip out for lunch 😀 Will report more later!

Keep those prayers coming!


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