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Day 6 – Pathology Results

One of Paul’s surgeons stopped by with his pathology report and it’s very GOOD! It looks like the tumor was about 2 cm wide and they got reports of clean margins (That means they removed ALL cancerous tissue!) They removed 21 lymph nodes for biopsy and all but 2 came back clear so Paul WILL be having chemotherapy.

Truth be told, we were having chemo regardless of the pathology reports because Paul is determined to hit this thing with all we got so this is no surprise. We will have a short meeting with the oncologist tomorrow to discuss his treatment and to see when we can get started.

We anticipate being able to start in another 3-4 weeks. Paul is healing very well and should be strong enough to start in about that time frame. We will make arrangements with the doctors here for Paul to receive his chemo in Corpus Christi. They have already indicated that wouldn’t be a problem. That way we won’t have to drive to San Antonio 3 times a week.

the worst part is…….

………………..PAUL IS GOING TO LOSE HIS HAIR!…………………………..

Devastating news I tell you 😀

As far as prognosis, you know, this is one of those types of cancers that really can’t be predicted. His doc said he has seen HOSPICE patients come in here, get treated and 10 years later are still going strong…..another patient  younger than Paul was back in 3 years with issues again……you just can’t tell….

Diligence is going to be our best bet. Paul will go for checkups in 3, 6, 12 and 18 mos. so only time will tell…….we will just have to stay on top of it and continue to live a good clean life and make sure he has the BEST SHOT POSSIBLE to beat this thing once and for all!

Besides the pathology results I am also happy to report (no farting or peeing reports…I’ll save those for Paul!) that Paul is starting on liquids and doing very well. He has had some broth and ice chips and juice and is tolerating it just fine. They are also starting him on some oral medication and tomorrow the epidural will be coming out along with 2 of his drain lines! That will leave him with only an IV in the arm for the duration of his stay and one “bile bag”. That will stay in for about 2 more weeks. They need to continue to drain the pancreas a little while longer. Really, Paul hardly notices it it’s such a small tube…..so that won’t be such a big deal…..

So we spent our day working on my music for “The Full Monty” and we took a nice afternoon siesta like we have done almost every day! 😀 I LOVE my afternoon nap! ha ha! We also took several walks around the floor with “Let It Go” and “Big Black Man” playing on my phone so we could sing and do some grooving down the halls! We had fun with it and he is making rounds on this floor pretty regularly! Oh course, the nurses love him!

I will be checking out of the hotel tomorrow morning and will be leaving for home around noon or 1pm. We both agreed I shouldn’t stay any longer. Really, he is getting along so well it’s not like he NEEDS me here…..but there is no one else he would rather hang out with than “his girl” so it will be a little lonely here for a couple of days……GOOD!….get you out of here all the faster!!

So I will go home so Grandma can go back home and I will just zip back up here to drive the get away car!! That way I can go home and care for the children, make sure the household is moving along as usual and I can start attending rehearsals for “Full Monty”.  I can’t even imagine how crazy my dogs are going to go tomorrow when I come home….I plan on just laying on the floor and letting them get it all out of their system! There is sure to be lots of jumping and happy puppies when Mom gets home tomorrow! I imagine there will also be a couple of happy and jumping children too 🙂


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