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8 Years of Wedded Bliss!

 Today is our 8th wedding anniversary…..celebrating a day that was truly one of the best days of my life. We don’t have a lot of pictures from that day….it was very casual….no professional photographer…..no fancy reception…..in fact, we were married in front of our churches Vacation Bible School prop…a HUGE paper mache volcano! Some of the church ladies offered to cover it with large screens but we said “No way!” and just went with it! I even tailored my flowers to go with the Hawaiian theme.

It was a beautiful ceremony….Paul belonged to the CC Flute Club and they played for the wedding….we were married by one of our favorite people, Pastor Thom…the children played a special role of course with Daniel walking me down the aisle and Rachel as our flower girl…..all 4 of us agreeing to blend our special family and fill it with love for one another….and we shared our love with our very special friends and family at FUMC Rockport. After enjoying cake and punch at the church we went to the church parsonage to enjoy a real Texas style BBQ. It was a wonderful day….but nothing compared to the wonderful 8 years I have been blessed to share with the love of my life.

I know not everyone finds this….frankly, I wasn’t sure I was going to find it…..that one person that is perfect for you. Not saying we haven’t had some stressful moments but our marriage is an anomalie. No fighting, no arguing….sure some disagreements but we always talk it out. We have never gone to bed angry. Honestly, it’s difficult for me to think of any times we HAVE been angry at each other. Crazy I know but true. He is my best pal. The one person I want to spend my time with more than anyone. Going to Disney World or going to the grocery store, he’s my best friend and we have fun no matter where we are. We have giggled at more than one funeral because we always bring out the best in each other. We have gone through this life helping the other up when we stumble, encouraging each other and cheering each other on. We have even kicked each other in the butt when necessary.

Even before we were presented with our biggest challenge ever, cancer, I told him many times I could die tomorrow and he should know he has made my life complete. That I have the BEST of what love and marriage is supposed to be. And of course I feel that way now more than ever. No matter what happens I will never have an ounce of regret. I will cherish these last 8 years and every moment we have from here on out….knowing I will go every step of the way with the one true love of my life ❤



Why am I so ANGRY??

I almost didn’t write this….I have labored for days trying to decide because #1 I don’t like to bitch….it really isn’t my nature….#2 I hate to bitch publicly about my family……I don’t air dirty laundry…PERIOD…..ask my mother, she will tell you! My divorce from my first husband caught everyone off guard because they had no idea anything was wrong…..because I just deal with it in my own house….and I am a pretty private person these days…..and I can’t stand people who just go on and on and on about how miserable their life is…..so I tend to go the other direction and not go into much detail at all….

Now that’s not to say I don’t have people I can talk to…..my mother has been my ROCK through this entire thing. Sadly, she went through the same experience with my beloved step-father almost 20 years ago….so she has “been there and done that” ……and I visit with a therapist through my church Methodist Health Ministries….it’s a good place for me to go and say all those things that you CAN’T say to someone you ‘know”…you know? ……

But even with all that…….I have been “bent out of shape” since Paul came home…….actually, I take that back……it didn’t start until late last week…..when things got “back to normal” for the children……that’s when things start to lax around here…..made a specific request “feed the dogs, now please” as I walked out the door Saturday night….come home several HOURS later…dogs fed? Of course not…..assign someone a load of towels…they wash them, dry them then leave them in the basket in the middle of the laundry room. Seriously, I want to CHOKE them…..

I mean, my kids aren’t BABIES….they are 17 and almost 13 for crying out loud! Am I expecting too much when I look at a destroyed kitchen and say to myself “no one could take 10 minutes to load this MESS into an empty dishwasher?” I sure as hell NEVER would have left something like that for my mother……

And it isn’t just that……it isn’t just the kids……a lot of it is me…..my stress level is through the roof and I just want everyone to sit down and shut the hell up so I can take care of my husband…..that’s all I want……just BEHAVE for Christ’s sake……Keep your GRADES up….I am spending $150 a MONTH on ADHD meds for 3 F’s…..yea, that makes mom pretty happy…..

And we just lost Paul’s unemployment benefits……so yea……we are really under a lot of pressure to get Little Dog Entertainment back up and running.  That’s a whole other blog post in itself…..the downsizing of LolaBelle’s Treats and pouring our energies into LDE. But again….pressure…..Pressure…..PRESSURE>>>>>>>>>>

I suppose all of this is normal……but damn……it’s intense…….



So after I wrote this blog post I had a sit down with the kids and they seemed to get it…..there were lots of offers to help….a few excuses…which I made very clear I don’t want to hear anymore…..and a general “let’s all work together” feel to the entire thing. Hopefully that will get them back on track otherwise I made it clear I was going to “shut their shit down” (that translates to: Mom will TAKE your COOL STUFF like your stereo and video games unless…)

I hate to admit it but I have gone almost militant around here. I don’t give them 50 million things to do but the 2 or three chores I DO assign I expect to be done…..and not done half ass either……

The bottom line is if I want this house to continue to run smoothly….I am going to have to do it…..manage it I mean…..I don’t want Paul worrying about anything other than getting better……

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