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Knot Shots-Makin’ Lemonade!

 This is 7-year-old Brianna D’Herde. This little thing is an inspiration for taking lemons and makin’ some lemonade!

She is a Port Aransas girl who suffers from Type 1 Diabetes and is required to take 4-5 insulin shots a day. When she was first diagnosed and spent time in the hospital, Brianna had the idea of putting the syringe thru her pierced ear hole and wearing it as an earing. They would fill them with different colored water and such….making this scary medical experience a little more fun…..

….I can relate to that…..

And like He does, He sent some inspiration her way…in the form of a jewelry making kit, a gift from a family friend….and that is when this family was moved to do something amazing!

Brianna and her mom started cutting up her mountain of used syringes and making them into beads for Brianna to use in her jewelry making kit…..and before they knew it……Knot Shots was born! Proceeds from the sales of her jewelry goes to the Diabetes Association so other children don’t have to suffer like her!

Please read her incredible story on Caller.com !! This little girl is such an inspiration to all of us!

Thanks Oly for sharing this story with me!!


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