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Post Surgery Day 2

 Day 2 was GREAT! I came in and Paul was pretty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. He was VERY happy I brought his laptop so he could do a little Facebooking and surfing. They had already moved him to a chair by the time I got there.

Dr. Halff came in with his trail of ducklings (residents!) and announced that Paul has the best lungs the ICU had ever seen! He checked him out and said his recovery is remarkable and to keep up the good work!

So we sat around and dozed and surfed and listened to some tunes today. Not much more than that though. Paul is still pretty tired and couldn’t concentrate very well. Paul insisted we did do a little work though with me returning some phone calls and taking dictation for some e-mails for Little Dog Entertainment…..can you believe?? It may have only been for 30 minutes but he WORKED the day after this surgery! lol! That’s my man!

He finally got moved into a private room out of ICU around 5pm. We shared our Skyline Chili recipe with our favorite ICU Nurse Juliana and we loaded Paul up for a chair ride to the other side of the 12th floor! See Ya! It’s much quieter so I am certain he will get a restful sleep tonight. I was there when they got him into bed and he is doing unbelievably well. The hardest thing about moving is all those tubes! But we got him in without incident and it felt great for him to stretch out again after a big day sitting up! So I tucked him all in, gave him lots of smooches and headed back to my temp homestead for some leftover Chinese food.

I know there have been some questions about all his tubes and wires and why can’t he have ice chips and things like that. Here is what he has:

tube down into his nose into his stomach– a surgery like this is pretty traumatic on the system and it essentially shuts down for a few days. unfortunately the body continues to produce acid so they use the tube to drain it out. This prevents ulcers, irritation of incision sites, etc.  Once there is evidence his system is up and running again (he passes gas) they will remove the tube and he may start with ice chips. Until then NO FLUIDS at all. He is burping and that is a sign things are starting to work again but we still need a good fart! Paul is pretty much a pro at farting so this shouldn’t take long! ha ha ha!

epidural-still has the epidural for pain control and will have that in until his system is up and running and he can take pain medication orally.

catheter-this will stay in as long as the epidural is in. We don’t need Paul peeing all over himself since he is pretty much numb from chest to knees.

Central Line-Paul has a central line in his neck with 3 ports on it. It’s temporarily stitched in and dressed with a bandage. The 3 ports hang out and they hook up his fluids, antibiotics or any other fun things they need to pour into him. Today he got a cocktail for protecting the lining of his stomach and small intestine!

Drain Lines- Paul has three drain tubes. One on either side of the incision and one towards the middle. This drains any blood and excess fluid from the incision area. They drain into bulbs (like a turkey baster! lol!). 

He also has one more small IV in his hand and is taking oxygen. That’s a lot of tubes! They are constantly monitoring these fluids and have reported everything looks exactly like it’s supposed to!

The plan for tomorrow is to get him up and walking some. Paul did mention when he got out of bed and into the chair this morning he could feel things moving around in there. Getting him up and moving around will help get his system started again.  Once we do that they will take out the tube in his nose and he can start on some clear liquids. And that’s all this poor man wants is some water! Those that know Paul well rarely see him without a big tumbler of water with lots of ice and lemon! That’s been the hardest part according to him! So hopefully he will get that reward after a good show tomorrow!

thank you again for all the prayers and well wishes!


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