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What FUN!!

So I auditioned for The Full Monty last night…..first time ever (O.o) and I had so much FUN!! We danced and sang and read lines…..and I was with all my friends!! Paul came too for moral support and he helped the guys with their vocals while the girls were singing! This has been a much-needed distraction for both of us……since sitting around in LIMBO is pretty much sucking……

For those that don’t know this about Paul….he likes to work….A LOT……and this “cancer thing” is just such an inconvenience…..I mean, when he was sick for 6-8 weeks over the holidays they guy worked every weekend…..102 sporatic fevers,  jaundice and a 40 lb. weight loss and he kept right on working…..And of course a lot of it is his ambition and his desire to provide for his family…..but mostly it’s because he LOVES it…..

You just can’t shut down a man who finally, after a life time of working shitty jobs, starts working his God-given vocation……MUSIC…….but again…..here is this “inconvenience”.

So again, this is a much-needed distraction!

We have spent time listening to the soundtrack from the musical….NOT the movie. Just to clarify for those not familiar with Monty, the movie came out first then the musical. The dialog is much the same and the storyline of course but the music is totally different and the movie is NOT a musical but has popular songs like Donna Summers “Hot Stuff” and things like that. The movie is fun and gives you a great picture of what the show is about…..I can promise you that the music from the show is much BETTER than the movie! And it’s a lot funnier! It’s just going to be EPIC people!

On my application they asked what roles I was interested in…..I answered (Shhhhhh!) and I also said I would be happy to play a piece of furniture too! Put a lampshade on my head and stick me in a corner! I don’t care! ‘Cause the music is incredible and the dancing will be fantastic and the singing will be tremendous and there may even be butt cheeks! SQUEAL! Count me IN!

So hopefully our hospital stay will include my recovering hubby helping me read lines or sing a few bars! He hopes to start working on the re-scoring of The Producers (the next show after The Full Monty). That has a 28 piece orchestra and there is no room or budget for THAT at our beloved Aurora Arts Theatre!! lol! So that will keep him busy during his hospital stay!

After the audition we stopped and grabbed a burger and kabitzed over the events of the evening……and we laughed that Paul is going to live vicariously through ME for a change!

Here is the trailer for the MOVIE The Full Monty. Like I said, the music is different but no less FUN!!


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