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Thanks For Coming To My Pity Party!

Well that was fun…..NOT! Well, I allow myself a freak out now and again…..it’s to be expected…..do not be alarmed….move along people….move along….nothing to see here…..

No actually, I have a great supporter in my mom……she listens …..and understands more than any human ever should..

…and once again, God provides…

…. my friend calls me out of the blue and we chat a bit and she says she is sending me everything I need for a living will and other assorted documents concerning our house and community property laws, etc. We can amend them as needed, we will sign them and she will notarize them and we are all set 🙂 She had no idea I was stressing out about all that….just happened to call me at that moment……that’s how my God rolls ….

So the Klemms will be celebrating St. Paddys Day at Pepito’s this evening….my husband is making a few bucks at a job today and declared that we were eating out tonight! And he wanted Pepito’s and of course, I indulge his every whim so to Pepito’s we go! I will just have to suffer through Fresh Jumbo Texas Gulf Coast Shrimp Quesidillas, home-made guacamole and Texas Gulf Coast Margaritas….hey, they are GREEN! !

So Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you!

Kiss an Irishman!

Or in my case a Scot-Irishman!

Or take your chances on a random Ginger…odds are good they are Irish!

Or Kiss an Irish Setter!


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