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Rained Out…..

Well….I will NOT be taking LolaBelle’s Treats to the Corpus Christi Southside Farmer’s Market today…..made it half way across the causeway and it was just POURING…..

I really HATE missing Market days…..first off, it’s a good source of my income….secondly, I really like my Market friends and I miss them! We always have a great time there….meeting new people….meeting new dogs friends….and talking with people about something very dear to us……DOGS!

We are big dog lovers here in our home…..but Paul and I are really the worst….we both “crush” so hard on our dogs! ha ha! But my dog friends, and I have a TON, totally “get it”.  So starting this dog treat business 3 years ago was such a natural fit. Paul and I really love getting out there with folks and “talkin’ dogs”! So to miss that this week is disappointing.

I even made our first batch of “doggie ice cream” and was all ready to hand out free samples……wahhhhhh….ha ha ha ha! “Oh woe is me my name is Lisa!”  Really, today just wasn’t the day for doggie ice cream….people probably would have looked at me like I had 2 heads……of course, when you are in the dog treat business lots of people do that anyway! HA!…..but I need a warm and sunny day for the ice cream debut and today just wasn’t it.

So thank you God….for giving us this rain! My grass REALLY needed it……and for some unknown reason I am not supposed to be at the Market but we trust in you to Provide!!


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