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LINKS! People to CONTACT on Paul’s Behalf!

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e-mail them at webmaster@caller.com

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e-mail them at  foxnewstips@foxnews.com

Need pictures to share so they can see an otherwise STRONG and HEALTHY 45 year old man being sent home to DIE by the VA? Use this one!

   Want them to see he is the FATHER of 2 beautiful children? Rachel (18) and Daniel (14). Let’s not forget Rachel lost her biological mother to cancer when she was 9 years old. Saving her fathers life is IMPERITIVE!! She should NOT be left without her father simply because we can’t afford the bill!! The VA needs to take care of this VETERAN and his FAMILY!


It was the best of times…..it was the worst of times……

Often times when I speak of our courtship I often say this quote. Carrying on a long distance romance for 10 months is an unusual thing for most couples. When Paul contacted me through Classmates.com after so many years my heart was just a flutter. We spent 2 days on the phone and I knew….I really KNEW that this was something incredible. I flew down to see him after 30 days and while packing to return home I said “you are going to marry me you know”. That’s how positive I was that this was the perfect time for us.

After that we traveled back and forth every 2 or 3 weeks. We would cram so much love and fun and adventure into a weekend. Seeing him walk town the tarmac, so tall and strong and handsome, it was like something out of a movie. People would stare and smile as we embraced like a year had passed rather than just a few weeks. Of course, those few weeks apart felt like a year. We talked of our past and planned our future together. We went to all our favorite hang outs as kids and  shared our hearts like no others before.

Sundays were the worst. So many tears were shed at the airport….embraces that were never long enough….crying as I went through security….the looks of sympathy from TSA agents. I would cry most of the way home or drive home to lay in bed and breath in his scent on my pillow…crying at the thought of a day without his hugs and kisses…..

it was the best of times….it was the worst of times…….

Now, almost 8 years later, we can look back on those days so fondly, knowing what a blessing they were to us. It was such a special and unique time.  Something not many people get to experience.

This experience with Paul’s illness has almost paralleled our courtship experience…..and it feels so strange to say that. Coming home today I was thinking of how many blessing we have received as a result of this experience. We have been surrounded by family and friends in a safe cocoon of love and support. From hugs and prayers to words of encouragement on Facebook, meals and financial support….it’s been incredible. We have seen and felt God’s love in a way few people experience. How many people go through their entire lives and never feel this? How incredible is that? and it’s all because of this journey ….as horrifying as it is….it’s still filled with blessings.

I spend my days thinking of my love constantly. I miss him every moment and can’t wait to come home so we can hold each other again. As our close friends and family know, we have always been “lovey dovey”. We have grossed out the children more than once with too much PDA for their liking and now it’s ramped up even more. We are connected on a level like no other…..we look in each others eyes and see directly into each others souls…..

Once again…it’s the best of times…it’s the worst of times…..

Truthfully, that’s been the theme of our entire marriage! lol! We have had some wonderful highs….successful business working together….raising 2 wonderful children….building our dream home from scratch….. living our lives surrounded by family, wonderful friends and the most adorable dogs a person could ask for……a closeness to our God gained through faith, trust and service.  We have also experienced some terrible lows as well….the crash of the real estate market meant the end of a business we treasured, struggles raising teenagers, financial disaster, the pending loss of our home and of course cancer…..

But you know,  I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Often you hear the saying, “It’s better to have love and lost than to never have loved at all”. Even though we still have lots of fighting left to do I won’t lie and say I haven’t thought of life without the love of my life….and I can honestly say it IS better to have loved….I wouldn’t opt out of this for anything. The thought of spending my life without ever having experienced a love like this would be much more tragic than losing him to this disease.

It is the best of times…..it’s the worst of times…




























Day 5 Recap

Paul is continuing to make progress…..not as quickly as Paul would like….but that’s Paul….and even though he is anxious to get out he is doing exactly like the doctors and nurses are saying…..taking lots of walks and getting up and moving around….

One of the HIGHLIGHTS of our day was Paul making a little Toot! I was here and heard it so it COUNTS! After the report of his success his lovely Nurse Janet removed the tube from his nose and there was a joyous celebration!

…..Yay for FARTS!………………….

You can see how HAPPY Paul is to get that thing out of him!

They also removed his catheter this morning but his body is just not ready to pee yet….so it may have to go back in….not sure….we will have to see what happens…..

The Chief Resident came in tonight and said Paul can start on “Sips and Chips” which is sips of water and ICE CHIPS! Horray! And he will be having a breakfast of broth or other clear liquid and see how he holds that down. Personally, I think getting these tubes out and letting him drink a bit will help start-up his system again….

I mean, there is nothing like a HUGE boo boo and a bunch of tubes to make your entire system say….”um No Thanks” …and take a rest for a few days….it seems Paul’s insides are just lying around like this is some kind of vacation but the vacation is OVER insides! It’s time to get back to work!

So a good day overall with tomorrow looking to be fun with some food!

It looks like Paul is going to be here until Tuesday or Wednesday, based on where he has progressed to as of this point. I will be checking out and headed back home on Monday….I have to……I can’t be away for more than a week for a variety of reasons and the fact is, I am not really “needed” here….yes, I am his best pal and there is no one he would rather hang out with but the fact of the matter is Paul will be fine a day or two without me. Maybe someone will go visit him!…..’cause I have to get back to the kids and the pets and my Full Monty rehearsals….so I am OUT on Monday with or without him and it’s looking like “without”……

But we discussed this and were prepared…..I am just glad I can go and know he is going to be fine without me here….yes, he will be bored…..but absence makes the heart grow fonder! And I will be back here in a red-hot minute to collect him and bring him home!

That’s all for today! Pray for pee!

Day 4 – morning update

Well someone is all full of sunshine this morning! Paul had a good nights sleep and feels GREAT today! When I got here his nurse was getting him into a fresh gown and capping off some tubes so we could go for a morning stroll! Paul is getting stronger every day and had very little difficulty getting up and down out of his chair. We made it PAST the nurses station down to the doors and back then went up another hall a little ways too! 😀  His sugar continues to behave itself and his blood pressure is good. Dr. Halff said he was a little baffled by Paul’s fevers (been hovering between 100 – 102 degrees) since everything looked good but todays temp is 99.6 with no Tylenol so he is starting the day good where that is concerned.

Paul has always run “hot”. He has battled strange sporadic fevers his whole life so we aren’t TOO terribly concerned…especially since they aren’t very high….I just think it’s his body’s way of helping fight any infection. But again, it’s under 100 now so everyone is happy 🙂

Paul is very excited  because he is having visitors today! Some of our friends from church are coming to make a day of San Antonio and they are going to stop for a little visit and take me out to lunch! Yay! ‘Cause I am OVER hospital food! The only thing I eat is the chicken tenders! I am sustaining life on them! So I am looking forward to a nice fresh salad and some sweet tea!

So now he is resting comfortably in his chair and surfing Facebook and doing some work on The Producers score. Once I return from lunch we will take another walk and then work on-line for my role as Jeanette in The Full Monty!! He is looking pretty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed so I think we will have a fun afternoon!

Have a great day everyone and thanks again for all your prayers and well wishes! We really feel them!!



Day 3 Recap

Well it was positive, Positive, POSITIVE!

Paul had the IV in his hand removed today along with the oxygen. He slept a little better but not much. He said he kept waking himself up talking in his sleep! I got to witness some of that this morning as he was dozing….he asked me to take care of some notes (?) and informed me he went surfing this morning! I would like to thank the VA for authorizing QUALITY medications to my husband!

He spent the entire day sitting in his big recliner making blog posts, Facebook posts, playing games and watching some TV. The most exciting parts of his day was them allowing him to swallow some medication! He was very happy to wash it down with a nice drink of water. He also had some ice chips and experienced no nausea!

After I returned from lunch he decided he wanted to take his girl for a spin around the ward so we unhooked several things and buttoned up his backside and out the door we went…..at about .025 miles per hour! I was so surprised at how strong and steady on his feet he is. No dizziness and he just took it slow. We made it all the way to the end of the nurses station and back! (AAT Friends: we made SEVERAL jokes about Arthur Beasley and “oh your going so fast” and he sat down EXACTLY the way Matt does! too funny!!) So that was quite a milestone.

We also are getting a more clear picture of how long he will be here. When Dr. Halff came to see Paul this morning we asked him when he would be discharged and he said probably Wednesday or Thursday. Paul and I had hoped he would be out by Monday. We did get an indication from the chief resident that Monday still might be a possibility. He said Paul is progressing much faster than most patients!

We also managed to dodge a bullet with my hotel accommodations. When we booked this room they could only get me thru Thursday so tonight was going to be my last night before I was homeless on the streets of San Antonio! But my pleas for help were answered by our many special friends and we received MANY offers of a room! We are SO incredibly blessed! And it gets better! I thought I would check with the front desk again, just on the off-chance they had a cancellation and she said she could move a few people around and get me a room in the same hotel thru Monday!! So I can stay here and be 5 minutes from the hospital! Wait!! It gets BETTER! My generous in-laws footed the bill! Thanks Jim and Martha!!

THIS is why I don’t worry like I used to. There was a time in my life I would have FREAKED OUT at the idea of being far away from home, husband laid up, tight budget……but I don’t……I give that all to Him and He always provides……ALWAYS!

So thank you friends and family for all you do to help us through!! God Bless!


Share the Story…..

Just so everyone knows…..yes….feel free to share Paul’s story with your friends and family….I know many of our friends are not on Facebook or don’t have computer access so feel free to pass it word of mouth…..please be sure to tell them we are asking for prayers! And LOTS of them!

The address to our blog is:


Also, let us know what prayer lists you put him on! Maybe we will have a CONTEST to see who gets the most or maybe the one furthest away!! Ha ha! Ya’ll start working on that and I will get back to you with prize details! rofl!

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