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Made It To San Antonio!!

So this morning we got up, enjoyed coffee and packed up the car. The kids got ready for school and our Pastor came over and we all prayed together then we hit the road! You know, you would have no idea we were heading towards a major abdominal surgery by the way we behave…..we have always said….we can have fun at a funeral….in fact, we HAVE had fun at a funeral….that’s just us….anyone who know’s us know’s this. So he plugs in his phone and says “Let me entertain you!” and off we go into the day with our soundtrack from The Producers….talk about FUN! I am totally geeking out for that show too!

So we made it to the hospital in plenty of time, which was good because the construction around here is horrible. What a mess. So we got to the anesthesiologist office, waited almost 2 hours (!) and finally met with an adorable young resident who had a great sense of humor so Paul had some fun with him. We covered all the bases and Paul is as healthy as a horse and is a very low risk for complications. It looks like he will be getting an epidural with a PCA (Patient Controlled Anesthetic) for pain control after the surgery. He will have a sore throat from the tube and will have a couple of drain tubes and a port in his chest for medications. He will be fully awake in 2-3 hours then they will send him to ICU for a day or two then to a private room.

The one thing that really struck me was how revered Paul’s surgeon is. He made it very clear we were very lucky to have Dr. Halff doing this surgery and that he is amazing. Like I said from the beginning, this is the guy I want to have his hands on my hubby’s insides! He knows his way around! So that was very comforting…..So then Paul had some blood drawn and we strolled on out into the day!

We found a hotel close to the hospital that we could book through Thursday. We are both secretly hoping he will be discharged on Friday. If not, I will find a room somewhere else or just drive or whatever…..it will work out….

So we are going to get a bite to eat and enjoy one of our favorite towns, gorgeous San Antonio!!


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