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Settling In…..

Paul is doing really well. He is settling in nicely and had a great nights sleep last night. He is also napping some today. I think his body is finally starting to realize he is home 🙂 He has spent his time surfing, working on The Producers score, watching the movie with Rachel 😀 and just taking it easy over all.

He is eating well…things like crackers and peanut butter, yogurt and I made baked chicken with rice and green beans and he ate all of that! Of course, his portions are SIGNIFICANTLY smaller. He and I split the chicken breast. Pre-surgery he would have had a whole one…if not two! There is a reason I call him Big Daddy! ha ha! But those days are over….and that’s ok. If there is a silver lining in this is its we will be much healthier as a family.

The problem Paul and I have is we view cooking and eating as entertainment. We get all excited to try a new recipe….well, I get excited anyway!….Paul goes at it more like a man on a mission. He likes hunting down the perfect, freshest ingredients and using all kind of pots and pans and new and interesting seasoning combinations…..sometimes he is very serious about his cooking….for example, his last real meal was his favorite, corned beef brisket. Now, he didn’t  buy the ready packed one at HEB with all the seasonings in it….Noooooo….not Paul Klemm. He made it from SCRATCH! It took 10 DAYS to make it and so help me God it was one of the most incredible things I ever ate….and I am not a big fan of corned beef…..so that gives you an idea of the scope of culinary love and talent we have here! <3…….we both really enjoy our culinary successes…..and if I may say….we are good……REALLY good…..so it’s been very easy to over indulge……and it’s been a “ton of fun”…literally! rofl! ….But the Party in Portland is over…..and that’s ok 🙂

I have managed to lose 50 pounds more than ONCE in my life so I know how to do it. You can’t tell to look at me now but I used to work for Jenny Craig! So fortunately, both Paul and I are educated enough to know WHAT we need to do and now we are FORCED to do it. And the timing is really perfect. I have been enjoying a Zumba class for about 2 months now and I am dancing my ass off at Full Monty rehearsals so we are going to embrace our new lifestyle and come out the other side of this experience looking FABULOUS!! Ha ha! How about THAT!?!

Besides, we already have a jump on it with both of us seeing significant weight losses so far…..and truth be told, Paul is really looking good…..I mean I see nice muscle definition, he looks so much thinner in the face, his color is good…..I can’t believe I am going to say this….but he actually looks HEALTHIER to me than he did before his surgery! So I view that as a good sign that we are getting the bad out so the good can flourish!

Thanks you all for the many prayers, love and support we have received from our beloved family and friends! You are all a true testament that our God provides for us! And His works are done through your hands and my family is so grateful and are so blessed!


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