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Day 5 Recap

Paul is continuing to make progress…..not as quickly as Paul would like….but that’s Paul….and even though he is anxious to get out he is doing exactly like the doctors and nurses are saying…..taking lots of walks and getting up and moving around….

One of the HIGHLIGHTS of our day was Paul making a little Toot! I was here and heard it so it COUNTS! After the report of his success his lovely Nurse Janet removed the tube from his nose and there was a joyous celebration!

…..Yay for FARTS!………………….

You can see how HAPPY Paul is to get that thing out of him!

They also removed his catheter this morning but his body is just not ready to pee yet….so it may have to go back in….not sure….we will have to see what happens…..

The Chief Resident came in tonight and said Paul can start on “Sips and Chips” which is sips of water and ICE CHIPS! Horray! And he will be having a breakfast of broth or other clear liquid and see how he holds that down. Personally, I think getting these tubes out and letting him drink a bit will help start-up his system again….

I mean, there is nothing like a HUGE boo boo¬†and a bunch of tubes to make your entire system say….”um No Thanks” …and take a rest for a few days….it seems Paul’s insides are just lying around like this is some kind of vacation but the vacation is OVER insides! It’s time to get back to work!

So a good day overall with tomorrow looking to be fun with some food!

It looks like Paul is going to be here until Tuesday or Wednesday, based on where he has progressed to as of this point. I will be checking out and headed back home on Monday….I have to……I can’t be away for more than a week for a variety of reasons and the fact is, I am not really “needed” here….yes, I am his best pal and there is no one he would rather hang out with but the fact of the matter is Paul will be fine a day or two without me. Maybe someone will go visit him!…..’cause I have to get back to the kids and the pets and my Full Monty rehearsals….so I am OUT on Monday with or without him and it’s looking like “without”……

But we discussed this and were prepared…..I am just glad I can go and know he is going to be fine without me here….yes, he will be bored…..but absence makes the heart grow fonder! And I will be back here in a red-hot minute to collect him and bring him home!

That’s all for today! Pray for pee!


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