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Ok so now it’s MY turn to wait! Day 2 of auditions went great! We had several more people show up, especially more MEN, who weren’t shy about some preliminary shedding of clothes so it was a lot of FUN! I am totally convinced this show is going to be of EPIC proportions! There were some incredible voices there last night and some serious shaking of some BOOTIES! I hope I get to be involved in some way!! Worse comes to worse I will be singing my little heart out behind the concession stand! Not such a bad place to hang out! (They know me there! ha ha!)

Today they will be assigning roles and doings lots of other things to get prepared for the beginning of The Full Monty!! We were told they would have the cast list posted on the website www.AuroraArtsTheatre.com by midnight tonight! I don’t know if I can wait that long!! ha ha!

Boy, for two racehorses, Paul and I sure find ourselves stuffed into the starting gate and left there pretty often……and that’s not a good place to leave us for too long! You can’t put an idea in our heads and leave us….WAITING……ugh…..we hate it! ha ha ha! We are thinkers and planners and we EXECUTE! We aren’t the ones standing around the water cooler wondering how we are going to do something…..we take the bull by the hornitoes and MAKE IT HAPPEN BABY! So yea….this waiting…….

and waiting……

but I will find ways to occupy myself…….there is dog food to make and some treat orders to send out…..and some pacing to do……with my phone in my hand….fully charged….and ON….so i can wait for my call……from my director….so she can tell me…..

Oooohhhh I hope I get the part I want! ❤

Stay tuned!!


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