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As Ready As I Am Gonna Get……

Well fortunately the planning and preparations are mostly complete. We got him to all the places he wanted to go and he ate all the foods he wanted to eat and he hugged all the people he wanted to hug so we MUST be ready! Our bags are packed, child care arranged, schedules written, rides arranged, food bought, dog food made¬†and home cleaned and fresh sheets and towels for Grandma. The only thing we didn’t get arranged was the hotel room but we will take care of that once we get up there.

I have my bible, my music, my script and a good book….plus all of Paul’s medical information since the start of this entire adventure. The kids are doing pretty well. Rachel is a nervous wreck but there isn’t a whole lot that can be done about that. She has her Grandma here and her brother and all her friends. She does best with lots of communication so I imagine we will be burning up the text messages.

I’m to the point where I am becoming incapable of having coherent¬†thoughts. I am finding myself more “scatter brained” and my mind bounces from one topic to the other. I am starting and not finishing sentences and starting more new ones…..I told Paul he better watch for me putting the butter in the freezer…..

But I am running out of things to do……the busy work is done….and now it’s time to just pray……I know my family is in good hands and my husband is in good hands……so now I will sit and fold my hands…….

Tomorrow we will meet with the Anesthesiologist to discuss Paul’s pain management then we will have the rest of the day to spend in San Antonio, one of our most favorite towns! Paul can still eat tomorrow but just small light meals. The the next morning they will go in there and “take out the only bad thing in him”! (quote from my mom!)

Exhaustion is setting in. Time to turn in. My last night in my own bed for a while. The last night having small, furry bodies pressed up against me……my sweet babies…..they are going to be so sad with us gone…..but I am going to miss them more.



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