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Road Trip!

And today we are off to see the Oncologist……which is good……Paul has been doing GREAT….incision is healing nicely….no problems other than a few diet snafoos (No chocolate milkshakes EVER…and 2 cheeseburgers from McD’s is ONE too MANY) it’s been pretty uneventful.

Paul has also been getting out and about which really helps…..Paul does much better in life when he is productive. He just isn’t a “sit around and do nothing” kind of guy…..so after a few shopping, errands and trips to church he came with me to Full Monty rehearsal last night!

This is a really big cast with a LOT of music and dance numbers so Paul came in to work with some of the men’s songs and help them tighten it up a bit. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and from what I heard, there was definite improvement!! So it was a great evening out having fun at the theatre….he will go back and work with them again on Monday….

So I know I am ready to see the Oncologist……I feel like we are really over the hump where “surgery recovery” is concerned and it’s time to start moving forward again. Today he will probably get a physical exam and a consultation. The Pancreatic Tumor Board already met about 2 weeks ago so they have already seen the pathology and surgical reports so I am hoping this is the meeting where we will learn “how much, what type, how often,how sick am I going to get” answers……

We met with the Oncologists briefly when Paul was in the hospital. They were very clear he would need BOTH Chemo and Radiation. We were a bit surprised about the radiation since the tumor was removed, but according to the docs, radiation stimulates the cancer cells and makes them more receptive to what the chemo is there to do….kill them. That was a good enough answer for us. Bottom line is we are prepared to do whatever it takes…..and we are open to experimental treatments if that becomes necessary. And UTSA is the place for us to be.

We gave a lot of thought and consideration to WHERE Paul will receive his treatment. Since he is covered by his VA benefits we are really shackled to the system. But we do have options……We can have it done at the VA…..um, NO……we can have it done with a local Oncologist if we transfer the case to him and he accepts VA Benefits…..(Paul wanted to see Dr. Saloum but he doesn’t accept VA so we just stopped looking since he is the GO TO Oncologist in Corpus…..I don’t want second-rate handling my husbands treatment……period…..) or we can continue to go up to San Antonio with UTSA and CTRC (Cancer Treatment Research Center) handling his treatment. It’s pretty much a no brainer…..plus let’s face it….this is a rare and aggressive form of cancer…..we want the” latest and greatest” at our disposal IF necessary.

I am looking forward to answers……how often……how much…..those kinds of mysterious questions that have been BANGING around in my head since February 28th (D Day). 

And the truth is…….I need some straight answers……prognosis answers…….just for my own sanity…..

Please say a prayer or send a food thought our way and we will keep you posted.


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