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Talk About Productive…..

Wow, what a great day…..I love it when Paul and I can really get into a work “groove” and today was exceptional! I am handling what is essentially a re-launch of Little Dog Entertainment. For the last few weeks we have been going back to basics with everything that worked for us in the past…sales wise….and it’s working….

Response has been fantastic….of course, all I am bringing is good news to these wedding and event planners and activities coordinators …… my job is to make THEIR job easier….who doesn’t want to hear THAT? Then I hit them with the fact that it doesn’t cost them anything to use us and I have them eating out of my hand…..I am in the ZONE….. and anything other than a door slam works for me…..I only need that door opened an inch and I can get in there…..

Paul calls it “smelling the blood in the water”….. and it’s true…… nothing gets my blood pumping like the opportunity to score a sale……especially when it’s a sale for myself instead of some unappreciative boss or corporation….. and I still got it…..I can’t believe it but I STILL GOT IT!

Paul really pitched in today with LDE. I managed to PRY him off The Producers score for a little while to help create our color/bound brochures.  We already had them done but they really needed some cleaning up and re-worked…..I am pretty happy with the results….I always handled all our fliers and brochures during our real estate days so I am a little particular about how I want them to look and read….there is a method to my madness!

So tomorrow we are hitting the road to “shake hands and kiss babies”….. which means we are meeting with activity directors of some local retirement/assisted living homes and visiting some of the local funeral directors…… this is one of my favorite phases…. the meet and greet…… and tag teaming is when we are at our best….. like the Mr. & Mrs. Smith of booking agents…ha ha ha ha……

I have to admit…..I have missed it……and it’s hard….man it’s hard picking up that phone and warm calling these potential clients…..my back and neck and shoulders are sore from the tension……but in sales you overcome or you starve…..and I am tired of starving……

……… and the hard is what makes it great…..if it was easy, everyone would be doing it……


We Are Still “At It”!

I had a horrible thought over the weekend…..that people would think that LolaBelle’s Treats and Little Dog Entertainment would be on hiatus until this whole thing blows over……

…..they are NOT!

I can see why people would hesitate…..knowing how much is happening here at Casa de Klemm…..but the funny thing is, we LOVE our work! It really ISN’T work to us……and it’s a much-needed distraction and our major source of income…..so we MUST carry on…..

When we were on the way to Victoria for the “gall stone removal that never was”, we spent the entire hour and a half drive brainstorming…..that’s a “Paul and Lisa” thing and has been for years….it is a real driving force behind our marriage….coming up with marketing ideas and what is next for us in the way of business….we have a lot of fun doing it…..we give each other high fives and get crazy excited about something….I know for me I get almost giddy with excitement! We always bring a pad and paper and come up with great ideas…..we may not implement all of them….but we implement MOST…….

Paul’s flute ensemble Absoflutely! was born on such a brainstorming trip. Our marketing campaign involving Lola on a series of real estate postcards was born on such a trip. LolaBelle’s Treats was born on such a trip…..It’s what we do and a big portion of who we are….that drive….that energy…..our businesses are just too big a part of who we are to set aside and risk it dying a slow and painful death…..

So LolaBelle’s Treats is continuing with our baking! I am usually cooking everyday and will continue….. so that I have plenty of stock available. Even if I am not here, our “representatives” (my kids! lol!) know how to weigh out and ship off an order! We are also STILL boarding!! We are not accepting “new” boarders at this time but our regulars are always welcome!! I know you may think your dog is a pain but we don’t!! Besides, our dogs are working hard here at the homestead and they like having a friend visit so they can play and forget their stress too! And we will continue to offer pet sitting services! Your pet stays at home and we come in for home visits! Again, even if Paul and I are out-of-town, LolaBelle’s has people at the ready to take care of all your pet sitting needs! Lots of frozen Dog Food is ready as well so don’t HESITATE!

I am not afraid my husband will die…..but I AM afraid people will think “Oh she doesn’t want to/doesn’t have time to/has better things to do than mess with my dog treat order”……hence this blog post…..

Little Dog Entertainment will actually be the easier of the two businesses to carry on. For those that don’t know, LDE is our Entertainment Booking Agency. We work with wedding and event planners, churches, civic organizations, and just everyday people and help them plan and book entertainment for events. A huge chunk of that business can be run from home or from a bed with a personal computer. And Paul was smart enough to “cross train” me so I can run it too!

It’s really very similar to the real estate industry. Paul and I spent several years as local Realtors and worked real estate deals from Whataburger Field, a pontoon boat in the middle of Copano Bay and a rest stop on the way back from South Carolina! Booking entertainment is an incredibly PORTABLE business! Not only is it no trouble for us to book an act from a hospital bed, there will be great joy when doing it!! So don’t stop calling!! Leave a message and we WILL get with you! Paul will have to postpone his own personal appearances of course…..much to his chagrin…..but we have plenty of talented musicians who will pale in comparison to my incredibly talented husband….but I promise they will be great too!  Ha ha ha!

But seriously, calling us for a job will not be an inconvenience…..it will not “put us out” … we don’t have too much going on or too much stress……the truth of the matter is….it RELEIVES the stress! ha ha ha! There isn’t much my husband enjoys more than putting a great musician with a valuable client and having everyone walk away THRILLED! Our musician friends are happy because they just got a job…..the client is happy because they got a great act for a great price…..our event planner is thrilled ’cause man, we made her look GOOD!….and we make a little money too! We don’t want to be “spared” the trouble of the job! We LOVE our job!

So keep us in mind and share with your friends! Don’t have a pet but have a cousin in Fargo who is a dog NUT? Tell her about us! Your good friend works at a retirement center and they are always looking for Senior activities? Tell them about Little Dog Entertainment! We ❤ Referrals!!

And thank you all for the kind words of support and encouragement and of course, your unending prayers!

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