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Health Update 3/4/11

Just so everyone knows….Paul FEELS GREAT! ha ha ha! Ok…maybe GREAT is a stretch but he feels better than he has since before Christmas…..

Bile backing up in your system produces results like jaundice, unbearable itching, diarrhea, sporadic¬†fevers and exhaustion. Since the doctor last week had no gall stone to remove, he inserted a plastic tube to essentially¬†bypass the problem area. Now Paul’s bile is working the way it’s supposed to and he can actually digest food correctly….his weight loss has leveled out (he fits into the suit he wore on our wedding day! BRAT!) and the itching is almost gone and he is FINALLY sleeping through the night……

He is also starting to get his MoJo back……which is good ’cause he is going to need it……’cause really, this entire thing is just such a damn inconvenience for him! lol! He has PLANS! He has WORK! He has MUSIC and DEALS to MAKE! He doesn’t have time for this shit! ha ha ha! That is so Paul……my unstopable force……my force to be reckoned with…..my stubborn husband who wears it so well that I just roll my eyes and go along with him….’cause there is no telling him any different….


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