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Best BBQ Sauce ever!

So on Saturday while Lisa and Rachel were working the Rockport Farmer’s Market I decided to BBQ some chicken.  I started off the way I always would…  I put a nice dry rub on the whole breasts I was planning on smoking.  I built a nice fire using a little charcoal and a lot of pecan wood and proceeded to smoke my chicken for about 4 hours making sure that the temp inside the grill area never got over 250 degrees.  When I smoke chicken I’m always leery of undercooking.  I have an electronic (remote) thermometer that I use.  I insert it in one of the larger breasts and wait until the bird gets up to about 160 degrees (internal) before I start adding BBQ Sauce.

I’m about 4 hours into preparing this meal when I discover that I don’t have any BBQ Sauce for the chicken.  For the record, Sweet Baby Ray’s Original is the only BBQ sauce we use in this house.  Our other car was in the shop, so I was just out of luck!  It must be time to experiment.

I was feeling like experimenting with some Asian flavors.  When I lived in Hawaii we always used to buy Teriyaki BBQ’d chicken and beef.  If they could do that, why couldn’t I?  Here’s what I did:


I found a brand new bottle of Teriyaki in the pantry.  I poured about 1/3 to 1/2 of the 15oz bottle in a large bowl.  Next I poured a 15oz container of Ty Ling’s Sweet and Sour Sauce.  Next I added about a teaspoon of Garlic Powder.  About a quarter cup (I’m totally guessing.  I have no idea how much I actually added) of Olive Oil.  Lastly I added approximately 1 Tablespoon of Sriracha hot sauce.  Mixed it up thoroughly and spooned it generously over my chicken while it finished cooking.

Since the girls weren’t home from the market when I took the cooked chicken off the smoker, I put all of the chicken into a casserole dish and put it in an oven at 180 degrees.  Of course before I put it in there I poured the rest of the Asian BBQ sauce over it.


Lisa asked me if I remembered how to make this.  I assured her that I did.  Just the same, she asked me to write it down, or better yet put it on our blog so that we’d have it forever!  Try it!  It’s awesome!



Beef Broth Throw Down!

Anyone who knows us well knows Paul and I are big “foodies”…..we watch a ton of Food TV and count Diners, Drive Ins & Dives, Chopped, Restaurant: Impossible and Worst Cooks in America as some of our favorite shows.  Countless times we have watched Triple D late into the night planning the menu for “The Awesome Cafe”! ha ha ha ha! We have recreated recipes and added our own spins to make some really incredible meals….to which many of our friends and family can attest to…..we just love to cook….especially together……

So there is no way…..I mean NO WAY……I am going to feed my husband broth out of a can…..

It’s super easy and I don’t measure so stick with me here…..

Go buy about 5 or 6 dollars worth of beef neck bones. Brown then in a little oil at the bottom of a big stock pot. Add water to cover meat and then some and 3 or 4 celery stalks with leaves, 2 carrots in chunks and a medium onion cut into fourths.

Keep it at a low boil for about 30 minutes until veggies are tender.

Add black pepper, sea salt, 3 beef bouillon cubes, 2-3 tsp. dried sage, 2-3 tsp minced garlic, 3-4 bay leaves. 

Cook another 15-30 minutes then strain.  yummy roo!

I saved some of the broth, added more water, another couple of bouillon cubes, re-seasoned it and made beef noodle soup for me! Just cut all the meat off the bones, cook some egg noodles according to the package directions (don’t cook it in the soup or it will soak up wll your broth!) and toss a spoon full into a bowl and ladel on a generous amount of your wonderful homemade beef soup! So we can enjoy it together 😀

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