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A Thousand Years….


Benefit for Paul!!

A group of wonderful, amazing people have organized a benefit on our behalf! These folks have been working tirelessly for weeks collecting an INCREDIBLE assortment of auction items like a guided fishing trip, golf outings, hotel accommodations, jewelry, art and LOTS more! Not only that, there will also be a Musical Review from 3 to 4 featuring some of our most TALENTED friends!! Paul will be playing his sax and he and I will also be singing a duet together!! Admission is FREE so bring your family and friends and grab some of these great auction items and support my wonderful husband in his journey to recovery from this awful disease! Mark your calendars and we hope to see you there!



3 Times a Charm

I have been struggling the last week or so with the notion that we are heading back into battle. The “Summer of Love and Fishing” is over with the return of our son Daniel from time spent with his father. It went pretty fast and the move ate up a lot of our time and energy but it was still a fun time spent together. We certainly haven’t stopped the Love and Fishing with us taking kayak excursions at least once a week if not more. We have enjoyed these things more than I can say. It lifts my heavy heart to see Paul enjoying the outdoors and communing with nature. I would enjoy it more if he actually caught some fish but hey, that seems to be MY job! lol! And what a good sport he is when I smoke him! I know he likes to hear me squeal every time I bring one in!

But these last several days I really fell into a funk. It seems when I get really scared I just clam up. I hardly speak and that is so not “me”. It’s almost like a rabbit hoping if it’s quiet enough the scary thing will just go away…but in our case it’s not. Even with all the challenges these last 10 weeks Paul has enjoyed a renewed energy and good health. He has been eating well, maintaining his fabulous 200 lb. frame and his color is amazing. He looks so healthy! But the fears of what has been going on with no treatments the last 10 weeks terrify me….us…..

He had his baseline PET scan yesterday. We are bracing ourselves for the worst. My biggest fear of course is they are going to say the disease progression is too far gone……but I have serious doubts that’s realistic. If it were at that point he would feel like crap right? He certainly wouldn’t look or feel as good as he does. He keeps telling me “you know, the results ARE going to say it’s spread. But the NEXT PET scan, after I receive some of this treatment,  will show improvement.” Forever the fighter…..

So after a few anxiety attacks, lots of thought, tears and prayer I managed to pull myself out of it. The thing that really did it for me was walking into my church. We are very involved with our church and just love it. Our church families have been such an incredible support to us. The choir takes the month of July off and I usually miss a few church services during that month. I spent a few Sundays working on the new house, unpacking and arranging things. That really didn’t help me emotionally though. I got so caught up in “other stuff” I really suffered. When Daniel came back we attended as a family last Sunday and it felt so good to be back. We have a little Children’s part during the service where Amy, our Youth Ministry Director, sits up front with the kids and does a little bible lesson. She talked about how sometimes we get busy over the summer and miss church and that’s ok but keeping your relationship with God alive is sort of like riding a bike. You may fall off but you pick yourself back up and start again and just keep on pedaling! I am always so amazed to go to church and hear a message that seems to be custom-made for ME.

So when Paul asked me if I wanted to sing the solo he had picked out for me this week and to sing a duet at our fundraiser on Sunday I was all…..Meh  :/  ……….I was pretty deep in my hole, not even wanting to emerge to do something I enjoy so much like singing……and he said he would handle it if I wasn’t up for it but I said no and that we would practice with Kay and Courtney on Wednesday night. Something about walking back into that choir room and working on these 2 beautiful songs did it for me. My spirit was renewed and I left that night much more back to normal that I thought I could possibly be at this point. Music can be such a healing medium.

I am slowly getting built up again for Mondays start of round 3 of treatment. For those that don’t know, Paul will be starting an “off label” study. It includes 3 chemo drugs. It is FDA approved for breast cancer and lung cancer and has shown to be about 33% effective in trials for people with pancreatic cancer. That 33% went into partial or complete remission. The rest of the patients in the trial also showed some improvements (slowing of growth, etc). Those stats may not seem good but with this type of cancer they are GREAT! Paul has done a lot of research on clinical trials and he is very pumped for this one as are his doctors. The VA has approved this treatment and also said they have available clinical trials at Audie Murphy hospital in San Antonio in the event we are not satisfied with the results of this one. As we have said from the beginning, we just want OPTIONS and after many weeks of scrapping and fighting we have them.

I just have to keep giving this to God and trusting that he is going to lead us to the place we need to be. It’s so easy to misinterpret His path. I thought for SURE MD Anderson was the way to go but it just wasn’t. So I just need to trust that this is where we are supposed to be. With all the calls I made and that were made on our behalf, all the pushing and shoving and begging and pleading, screaming and shouting to political figures….it just didn’t happen. I will forever be disappointed and shocked at how all that went down. How the best cancer research hospital in the country wouldn’t help us at all….no recommendation….no assistance financially…..no nothing.

But I just have to trust this is the way it’s supposed to be. That this off label treatment, the 3rd time, will be the charm. We are as ready as we will even be and with so many people standing behind us in prayer, with good thoughts and positive energy we know we can make it.




LINKS! People to CONTACT on Paul’s Behalf!

Want to write the Ellen Show?




Share Paul’s YouTube Video?


Visit our local Congressmans Facebook Page and write a recommendation?


Contact our local news station?


Write our local news paper?

e-mail them at webmaster@caller.com

Contact Fox News with a news tip?

e-mail them at  foxnewstips@foxnews.com

Need pictures to share so they can see an otherwise STRONG and HEALTHY 45 year old man being sent home to DIE by the VA? Use this one!

   Want them to see he is the FATHER of 2 beautiful children? Rachel (18) and Daniel (14). Let’s not forget Rachel lost her biological mother to cancer when she was 9 years old. Saving her fathers life is IMPERITIVE!! She should NOT be left without her father simply because we can’t afford the bill!! The VA needs to take care of this VETERAN and his FAMILY!

Want to write your Congressman on Paul’s behalf? HERE’S HOW!


I sent this letter yesterday to Blake Farenthold and forwarded it to several friends in my network for them to send to their own representatives. In case you need a pre-written letter to pass on to your friends, feel free to use this one. Let them know they can look up the contact info for their own representatives at http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ ——–

July 17, 2012 The Honorable Blake Farenthold

2110 Rayburn House Office Building

United States House of Representatives

Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Farenthold,

I understand that members of Congress rarely receive constituent letters that express anything other than a complaint. I wish this letter were different. Please know that I certainly sympathize with how you must constantly listen to gripes and complaints from the citizens you represent. I thank you for your time and attention.

My good friend Paul Klemm of Portland, Texas, is a 10-year Navy veteran. His time of service included operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He served his country with honor and distinction. A native of Ohio, his Navy service took him around the world and ended with an assignment to Naval Station Ingleside. He remained in the area after his service, working as a financial expert, real estate agent, and as an amateur and semi-professional musician.

In 2011 he was diagnosed with ampullary cancer, a rare form of cancer whose victims are usually in their 70s (Paul is in his mid-40s). With the economic downturn forcing him out of the real estate business, his insurance with Veterans Affairs was his only coverage. The VA covered his initial treatments and surgeries, but eventually all treatment regimens approved by the Food and Drug Administration were exhausted with no improvement. Clinical trials are now his only hope for survival.

MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston is willing to consult with Mr. Klemm and likely take him on as a patient. However, the VA is refusing to cover non-FDA-approved treatments. MD Anderson is now requiring Mr. Klemm to pay for any consultation and ensuing treatments up front, out of his own pocket. According to his most recent correspondence with MD Anderson, the consultation alone would cost over $14,000. The treatment cost will likely dwarf that amount.

It is appalling that a veteran like Mr. Klemm who served with such distinction would be denied VA coverage for treatments that may very well save his life. On the medical front, there is still hope. There may be several clinical trials being conducted at MD Anderson that could prove successful. Money seems to be the only barrier to finding out for sure. And it appears it’s not even an issue of money — rather, it’s an arbitrary rule that prevents the VA from covering the cost of treatment plans that have not been approved by the FDA. This is a rule put in place by Congressional decree. And if Congress has put this rule in place, it can remove it — or at least provide a way to prevent such rules from needlessly obstructing access to life-saving treatments.

Please take notice of Paul Klemm’s predicament. He maintains a blog detailing his experiences. One entry in particular sums up his current situation nicely. He has also made a YouTube video detailing his difficulties. The links are: Blog entry: https://littledogdiaries.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/what-now/ YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEfwlea7TAk&feature=player_embedded

No doubt you are aware that the VA has had difficulties providing the coverage and care that our honored veterans have earned for serving the United States. This is one case where bureaucratic difficulties can mean the difference between life and death.

Thank you for your service in Congress, and thank you for your time and attention in this matter.


  • www.house.gov

    Not sure of your congressional district or who your member is? This service will assist you by matching your ZIP code to your congressional district, with links to your member’s website and contact page

MD Anderson says “Come On Down!…but bring that CHECKBOOK!”

Well, I spoke to someone from the Clinical Trials Department at MD Anderson and they are very happy to meet with us for a consultation….as long as we bring a check with us for $14,500 to pay for it….yes, you heard me right…14 THOUSAND 5 HUNDRED DOLLAR$!! And that’s ONLY for the consultation. If accepted into a study we will have to pay for all services up front since the VA won’t cover clinical trials. She said Medicare/Medicaid may pay for “standards of care” which include labs, basic x-rays (NOT CT scans or pet scans or any of the medications) so that would save us about $15,000 per cycle but the rest we have to pay ourselves. So if someone has an extra $250,000 laying around we might actually get to save my husbands life. Oh yea, no financial aid and no payments plans….payment in FULL upfront.
The bottom line to all this is we need to strong arm the VA into paying for this. It’s OBSCENE that they are sending an otherwise perfectly healthy 45 year old father of 2 home to die because they refuse to pay for clinical trials. Sorry sir, we know you served your country for 10 years of your life but hey, we did the 2 treatments that are FDA approved and they didn’t work so sorry, you are done….
We need anyone and EVERYONE with any connections to the news media, within the VA system or with MD Anderson to make some calls and write some letters. Even if you have no connections, write your local congressman, senator or VA representative! Write Oprah or Ellen or SOMEONE! I can’t even believe this is happening all because of $$MONEY$$!!!

Living in Denial

It’s been a few weeks since we posted. Frankly, we are just living in denial at the moment. We have taken this time of “summer with no children” to laze around, go fishing and kayaking, cook and eat amazing meals and enjoy Paul’s good health in all facets. Hearing the news that he has exhausted all FDA approved treatments has definitely effected his mood and spirit. It really showed at work with his sales being pretty dismal. (not that I care about ANY of this mind you……I just don’t want him discouraged or giving up….work will wait in my opinion.) But he is working his way through it and is ready to face July with a renewed sense of purpose and drive. In typical Paul fashion he just had to work it all out internally and now seems to be on the right track.

Of course, a constant source of frustration is dealing with the VA and our attempts to get him into MD Anderson. After waiting 2 weeks to get the VA “voucher” we got it sent off to MDA along with all his medical records from the CC Cancer Center. After waiting another week and a half I finally got to speak to a patient advocate in the gastrointestinal department. She told me that the “voucher” isn’t what they needed and they needed an actual “authorization” instead. *sigh* So now we have to get the VA doc to call MDA so she can give him the “codes” and they can get the “authorization”…..I’m sure that will be easy….NOT……it gets better….after that, MDA will draw up a CONTRACT that they will want the VA to sign guaranteeing payment. She informed me in her 14 years there she has only seen ONE person get it signed and he was from out-of-state. So yea……

After speaking with her some more I informed her of some of our history and that we had already exhausted FDA approved treatment and we are really seeking experimental. I said “I KNOW if the VA won’t pay for REGULAR treatment they sure as hell won’t pay for experimental. My insurance company said Paul will be denied due to pre-existing conditions and even if they DID cover him, they don’t cover experimental treatment either. So how in the world do these people get into clinical trials?” That’s when she put me on hold, contacted someone in that department and came back with some info. She had a packet to send us (I insisted she e-mail it) getting all our financial information. Basically an application for financial assistance. Little did she know Paul has all that info at his fingertips. We had it filled out, signed and faxed all 18 pages back to her the same day (this past Friday). So the plan is for me to start nagging them on Monday. It sounds like we may just bypass the VA altogether.

I know this much, I feel like I am wearing out. Maybe because he looks and feels so good I feel like he isn’t even really sick….that this has all just been some horrible nightmare and everything is fine. Of course, I know that isn’t true. And come Monday I will don the armor once more and go into battle to get him where he needs to be so we can get this over with once and for all.

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