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Day 4 – morning update

Well someone is all full of sunshine this morning! Paul had a good nights sleep and feels GREAT today! When I got here his nurse was getting him into a fresh gown and capping off some tubes so we could go for a morning stroll! Paul is getting stronger every day and had very little difficulty getting up and down out of his chair. We made it PAST the nurses station down to the doors and back then went up another hall a little ways too! 😀  His sugar continues to behave itself and his blood pressure is good. Dr. Halff said he was a little baffled by Paul’s fevers (been hovering between 100 – 102 degrees) since everything looked good but todays temp is 99.6 with no Tylenol so he is starting the day good where that is concerned.

Paul has always run “hot”. He has battled strange sporadic fevers his whole life so we aren’t TOO terribly concerned…especially since they aren’t very high….I just think it’s his body’s way of helping fight any infection. But again, it’s under 100 now so everyone is happy 🙂

Paul is very excited  because he is having visitors today! Some of our friends from church are coming to make a day of San Antonio and they are going to stop for a little visit and take me out to lunch! Yay! ‘Cause I am OVER hospital food! The only thing I eat is the chicken tenders! I am sustaining life on them! So I am looking forward to a nice fresh salad and some sweet tea!

So now he is resting comfortably in his chair and surfing Facebook and doing some work on The Producers score. Once I return from lunch we will take another walk and then work on-line for my role as Jeanette in The Full Monty!! He is looking pretty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed so I think we will have a fun afternoon!

Have a great day everyone and thanks again for all your prayers and well wishes! We really feel them!!




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